DoS and DDoS Attacks: Defence and Detection Mechanism

  • Vishnupriya G S
  • Rajasree R S
  • Krutika P Bang
  • Parvati Bhadre


Denial of Service (DoS) or Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are normally unequivocal attempts to exhaust victim’s bandwidth or disrupt legitimate users’ access to services. Old design of internet is susceptible to DDoS attacks and it delivers a chance to an attacker to gain entrance to a large number computers by misusing their susceptibilities to set up attack systems or Botnets. Once attack system or Botnet has been set up, an attacker raises a large-scale, synchronised attack alongside one or more targets. Result of the constant development of new spasms and increasing range of defenceless hosts on the internet, many DDoS attack Discovery, Avoidance and Traceback mechanisms have been proposed. In this paper, we will see different types of attacks and methods of DDoS attacks and their countermeasures.
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