AgroApp: Soil Testing Using Android and Cloud

  • Amar Brahmbhatt


       AgroApp is an application  designed with the purpose of helping and guiding farmers, and have soil and crop managed efficiently by method of detecting the property of soil by the use of  wireless sensor network technologies .Information regarding favourable conditions for crop, season, soil fertility is provided by the App. It involves the analysis of soil by method of testing of soil for finding moisture level, which is done using embedded hardware specifically designed for this purpose. AgroApp is designed on the ways of a mobile distributed system that follows a three layered deployment model consisting of mobile nodes, a cloud hosted middleware, and a cloudhosted database server. Additional Information in the form of Laboratory test reports are also provided in terms of nutrient content and fertility of soil. The data that is being pushed to the mobile resides on the database server, hence caching methodology on the mobile has been proposed to avail online accessibility of information.       The application is proposed as a distributed Mobile App with Cloud oriented back-end. The main aim of our AgroApp project is to help farmers in making quick decisions on Crop, fertilizer, pesticides and other farming resources. Wireless Sensor Networks aided Precision Farming is used. Advancement in wireless communication, micro sensing and smaller devices, have resulted in new better technologies that offer more consistent and reliable systems. Wireless sensor networks (WSNs), which have property of combining many kinds of sensory data in one location, are the best technologies available for agricultural advancements. Knowledge management systems, research databases, and response systems, can be formed by using these networks, which are further used to guide local and global communities and government bodies in agricultural advancement.
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