E-Learning for Student Evaluation and Interaction Patterns

  • Hazel Kannan


In recent years e learning has been a topic of great interest. Advances in technology and the growth of e-learning to provide educators and trainers with unique opportunities to improve learning and teaching in corporate, government, healthcare, and higher education.  This paper includes the research, development, and practice of e-learning related to multi-dimensional topics and also the sub-topics. E-learning comes in different setups that dictate the depth of a needs assessment. The simple e-learning implementations, like those following an application service provider (ASP) model, won't necessarily look any different from a resource requirement idea than traditional classroom training that's e-learning.  E-learning can also be an enormous undertaking and, require significantly more preparation due to its increased scope, higher interdependence, and visibility.  These factors given below are the reason that needs assessment for an e-learning initiative looks different from one for a traditional normal classroom program. 
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