Quick Response Accident System (Android Application)

  • Gaurav Jadhav


When people meet with accidents on the road, their phones are generally locked. Hence it becomes difficult to establish contact with the victim’s family members or his/her guardian. In some cases the victims do not carry their driving license or any kind of ID, hence it becomes a tedious task to identify the person. This hinders the various procedures that follow after an accident. Sometimes due to unavailability of right ID or documents causes delay in procuring proper medical aid for the victim and this might cost the person his/her life. To help solve this problem, we propose an android application. The users simply have to enter the vehicle number of the victim, and the application will show his/her name along with the person who should be contacted in case of such emergency. The application will also provide the feature to store a digitally scanned copy of user’s driving license and vehicles mart-card. This will help decrease the number of cases where accident victims do not receive proper aid due to lack of identification or their families cannot be contacted.
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