Data Mining in Image Processing and its Application

  • Nilam Sachin Patil
  • Shanthi K Guru


In the domain of Image processing, Image mining is advancement within the field of knowledge mining. Image mining is the extraction of hidden information, association of image data and additional pattern that are quite not clearly visible in image. It’s an interconnected field that involves, Image processing, data processing, Machine Learning, AI and IR. The profitable purpose of Image Mining is that without any previous data of the patterns it will generate all the numerous patterns. There are some research done on the various image mining and data processing techniques. This paper proposed an introductory review on the applying fields of knowledge mining that is varied into telecommunication, producing, fraud detection, and education sector. During this technique we use size, texture and dominant colour factors of a picture. Features such as texture and colour area measure normalized. The image retrieval feature are terribly sharp using the texture and colour feature of image connected with the form feature. For similar forms of image form and texture feature, weighted Euclidean distance of colour feature is used for retrieving options
Keyword: Data mining, Image processing, information
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