Speaker Recognition System and Algorithms

  • Mrs. Shailaja Yadav
  • Mrs. Shilpa Jagtap


In this paper, a literature survey on different algorithms used for Automatic Speaker Recognition Systems has been done. Speaker recognition is that the method of automatically recognizing who is speaking on the premise of individual info enclosed in speech waves. this method makes it potential to use the speaker's voice to verify their identity and management access to services like voice dialing, banking by telephone, telephone looking, information access services, info services, voice mail, security management for counselling areas, and remote access to computers. Speech may be a difficult signal made as a results ofmany transformations occurring at many totally different levels: linguistics, linguistic, pronunciation, and acoustic. variations in these transformations ar mirrored within the variations within the acoustic properties of the speech signal. an summary of various algorithms for Feature Extraction and have Matching techniques for Speaker recognition systems is given during this paper.
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