Road Maintenance Management System

  • Prashant Tanaji Patil
  • Prof. Trupti Kulkarni


India is one of the fastest developing country in the world, and India has 2nd largest road network in the world. Road network plays an important role in the transportation sector so this is right time to plan and prepare a maintenance system for that road network. In current practice’s measurement of pavement distress is done by physical inspection only. If the cost of maintenance work if more than the cost of reconstruction of road then it is uneconomical. So the provision of an economical solution plan is required.This study deals with the measurement of distress quantity and distress severity to define the condition of road network in Sangli district as a study area. By analyzing this distress data the priority for the maintenance work for selected road network is defined and develops a maintenance system. Economic analysis of this maintenance work should be performed to differentiate economically in between maintenance work and reconstruction of the road. Road maintenance management system will be developed according to all this work. 
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