Email Correlation And Analysis Using Pattern Matching Technique


  • Shrirang Potale


Email, Cyber Forensic, Data Mining, Pattern Matching, AES, Email Analyzer


Email or Electronic mail is been widely used to exchange messages between people. Electronic mail or an Email can be personal, commercial, business related messages. These messages can be used to determine association between mail holders. A report or summary can be made by retrieving mails and grouping them to get a count of total mails that has been exchanged from a particular mail id. This will help to find out an association between the two contacts and reduces the burden of reading and going through each and every mail which is being send or received. The generated report is useful in means of cyber forensics and in means of datamining, where emails are studied to find out a person, company or an organization with whom the user has been communicating using emails and how many times they have exchanged emails. Proposed system generates a report on number of mail's being exchanged with different user and provides a graphical representation of the same. In addition, to the above feature, an advanced features is added in the system which helps to monitor the workers or group members and gets feedback on progress of work assigned to them by using emails.




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