Survey on MRI Image Segmentation Techniques

  • Mrs. Shanthi K. Guru
  • Mr.Vivek T Patil
  • Akanksha Bable
  • Manisha Bammani
  • Shreya Niphade
  • Mamta Bammani


In medical field Image segmentation plays a vital and difficult factor. In current time, medical image processing techniques and MRI images are heavily used for anatomical research and treatment planning. Specifically for the human brain, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) widely prefers and using for the imaging. However, medical pictures are naturally complex and noisy. This ends up in the need of processes that reduces significant problems in analysis and enhances quality of output. The identification and segmentation of brain tumors is one of the most difficult and time consuming tasks in the production of medical images.MRI is a medical technique, mainly used by the radiotherapist to visualize the internal structure of the human body without any surgery. MRI provides a lot of information on human brain tissue which helps in the detection of brain tumors. Precise segmentation of the MRI image is very essential for the detection of brain tumors by a computer-aided clinical tool. Once acceptable brain mister images are segmented, neoplasm is classified as malignant and benign, which could be a challenging task due to the quality and variety of the neoplasm tissue features such as its shape, size, light intensity and place.Taking the same difficulties into consideration, this research focuses on highlighting the methods of brain image segmentation of the MRI. This article, however, provides a thorough overview of techniques for brain tumor can be observed through segmentation of the MRI picture.
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