Sweeper Robot

  • Dhanashri M. Biradar
  • Sonali S. Manchekar
  • Akela D. Makandar


Automatic room cleaner is a compress robot system which is capable of hovering the level of an area without any human existence other than only commanding it. We noticed the call or demand for an advantageous product that can be user friendly to vacuum clean a room solitary, by economizing a person splendid time. Basically, as a machine (robot) it eradicates mishandlings and polishes with well structured. If we unstained the ground laboriously then there is a prospect that the worker will quit various sections of ground. Also due to unskilled labor involved this is stress swallowing and troublesome to polish the floor. Also, in large headquarters floor area is extremely immense and the mankind jumbled there for polishing reason may not scrub it much more coherently. This is where machine (robot) approaches as superior. As well the robot is mini and dense in proportions. So that it is easy to shift and locate it anywhere we can on the quarters. Besides in trades the robot is tremendously cost fruitful as contrast to unskilled labor elaborated. The elasticity, streamlining and well planning assembles the automation (robot) a sterilized solution for disinfecting the floor. As our final project, we decided to outline and set up a machine (robot) proficient of hovering the level of a room or area without any human existence.
Keywords: Sweeper robot, Automatic room cleaner, vacuum.
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