Survey on Offline Handwritten Signature Verification

  • Mayur C. Waghere


Signature Verification is the analysis of a signature as it is widely used of personal verification to distinguish between original and forged tasters of a signatory. There are  two dissimilar types of schemes those are offline and online or static and dynamic verification techniques. Offline schemes work only on the scanned images while online systems use dynamic information of a signature at the time the signature is made. While comparing on both offline and online systems, online system  found to be more complex due to the nonappearance of stable dynamic characteristics and also due to highly unconventional  and stylish  writing styles. Despite that they are designed because of numerous benefits like systems does not requires signer’s presence as it is already saved in database.  False acceptance rate (FAR), false rejection rate (FRR), average error rate AER and EER must be low. Keywords: oflline/online methods, signature, verification, feature extraction, image processing
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WAGHERE, Mayur C.. Survey on Offline Handwritten Signature Verification. International Journal Of Emerging Technology and Computer Science, [S.l.], v. 2, n. 1, feb. 2017. ISSN 2455-9954. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 28 may 2020.


oflline/online methods; signature; verification; feature extraction; image processing;