Run N Defend – A Game Developed Using Artificial Intelligence Which Works On Path Finding Algorithm

  • Vikas Prasad


Artificial Intelligence is the central part of game development. Artificial Intelligence states to the technique used in computer and games to generate the magic of intelligence in the performance of NPC (non-player character). Playing games is a part of entertainment. They provide forward-thinking, current test-beds for developing numerous ideas and systems that are beneficial elsewhere. Advanced skills enable the awareness of game ideas that previously only could be applied through significant effort. We have implemented A Star Algorithm is a way to find the shortest path for the enemy player (Heliboy) in order to target the user (Robot). Opponents would be stopping the User Player to complete the Game. AI is even used to simulate the real-world properties in the game. Keywords: artificial intelligence, games, NPC, pathfinding, A star algorithm 


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artificial intelligence;games;NPC;pathfinding;A star algorithm